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Isamashii´s Akitas!

SCh, FiCh, NCh., C.I.B. NordJW-03, NordW-07, NordVW-11

Isamashii´s Baronessan Bon-Sai, "Bunny".

2002-12-23 - 2015-05-25

R.I.P. My pride and joy!

Im not going to focus on the English sides, so please mail or phone me for the latest.

This is "Jackie"


Isamashii´s In Hoc Sigro Vinces

Born: May 5th, 2009

Mother: Ch. Isamashii´s Baronessan Bon-Sai.

Father: Ch. Inochi-O Kakaru Halne Wgzórze

Merits: SeCh, DkCh, FiCh, C.I.B. NordW-11

Top winning akitafemale in Sweden: 2010, 2011 & 2012!

22 BOB!! 12 CACIB!

Hips: A/A

Elbows: 0/0

Eyes: Clear July 2012.


Jackie is the sweetest and kindest akita I´ve ever owned.

She loves almost everyone and thinks good of many dogs comparing of many other akitas!

She has lots of energy and "talks" alot!

She is my sweetheart and always makes me smile!


This is "Bunny"


Isamashii´s Baronessan Bon-Sai

Born: Dec. 23th, 2002

Mother: Ch. Novens Isamashii Isadora

Father: Ch. Novens Eiryu-Go

Merits: SeCh, NoCh, FiCh, C.I.B. NordJW-03, NordW-07, NordVW-11

Top winning akitafemale in Sweden: 2006 & 2008!

Hips: A/A

Eyes: Clear July 2012.


Bunny is a happy old lady that lives with my cousin and her family.

Their she lives like the queen she think she is.

Bunny is a very typical akita that really choises who can and can´t pet her!

She has also been the one that keeps the order in the pac!





This is "Herman"


Isamashii´s Showtime

Born: June 24th, 2013

Mother: Ch. Isamashii's In Hoc Sigro Vinces

Father: Ch. Hiro Go Di Casa Saporito

Merits: 3 BOB & 3 CAC




Herman is in my 7th litter and is a son of Jackie.

He is a calm and happy puppy that lives with his grandma Bunny at my cousin and family.





Jackies blog

In Jackies blog you can follow what she and I does.

Also you will meet her friends and relatives.

And find out more on what happends on the shows.

It´s just in Swedish but its often lots of pictures!


No puppies are planed.


For more info - please mail me!



Isamashii´s Akitas

Josefine Ekman

Vagnhärad, Sweden.